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Maxi Thick Extra Long - 26 Pads

Maxi Thick Extra Long - 26 Pads

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It’s always a good idea to stock up on the Megapack. With 26 pads inside, the Maxi Thick Extra-Long pack can easily be carried around.

Our Maxi Thick range is sure to keep you going, no matter what your flow is like. We are happy to bring you Nofea Maxi Thick - a super-absorbent, comfortable, and breathable period pad.

  • Thick & premium quality.

  • Silky soft leak guards for extra comfort.

  • Active distribution lay for equal distribution

  • Soft tops avoid irritation itchiness

  • Fluid lock technology and super-absorbent gel for complete protection

  • Individually wrapped

  • Extra-Long Size Mega Pack - 26 Pcs